Shortly before your
closing you will typically make an inspection of the house called a
final walk-through. Your agent will probably be with you and help you
examine the house. The final walk-through is to verify that all items
you have contracted to buy are there, and items you have not contracted
to buy have been removed and that the house has not been damaged in the
process. When you do your walk-through, pay particular attention to
attics, crawl spaces, basements and garages. If the sellers haven't
moved, you may see items that they seem to have no intention of taking.
Bring this to the attention of your agent to avoid hassles on moving

Take your time and be as calm as possible. Have a copy of
your sales contract with you to review items that should be included
with the house. Here are some additional tips:

Check from bottom to top: basement to attic.

Pay specific attention to expensive items and those that are of importance to you.

for areas where furniture or rugs may have been when you originally
looked at the house in case defects are revealed in their absence.

an item is missing, or if there's trash or discarded items left behind,
deal with it now. Let your agent know so that he or she can get it
handled before closing.


Leave your emotions outside the door.

You will have plenty of time to swoon over your new home --

Now is the time to make sure the house is as you expected it to be.